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CiteLine Med Search

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Search Fibromuscular dysplasia

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Citeline Introduction
Search Tips
Type a word or phrase in the search box and click Search. Use all upper case or all lower case to find every occurrence of the term.
Example: diabetes

If you mix upper and lower case, will look for an exact match only.
Example: Internet will retrieve "Internet" but not "internet"

Retain hyphens and apostrophes.
Example: rhone-poulenc
burkitt's lymphoma

Your search will retrieve information from all CiteLine categories if you are a registered user, from open categories if you aren't registered.

Click one or more check boxes if you are interested only in the type of information found in those categories. You will need to register to access certain categories.

More options
The search terms you use are important to the success of your search. Sometimes you will want to allow for synonyms, or combine concepts. The tips below give you more search options.

Tip Example Why?
Keep the search simple, and use categories to focus on a particular aspect hepatitis a
and select category "Epidemiology" When you choose a category, you search a pool of sites already screened for relevance to the topic. In some cases, CiteLine adds words behind the scenes to enhance retrieval.
Use synonyms. Try each term individually or link terms with OR, or with a comma b11253 or b-11253
leukemia or leukaemia

tpa, tissue plasminogen activator
A concept can be described in different ways. Also consider both full names and abbreviations, different punctuation, and US/British medical spellings. Commas mean "the more terms found, the better," so may produce better ranked results than OR.
Use * wildcard to pick up similar terms epidemiol*
Note: Avoid short word-sections such as "cat*", where there are many unrelated words beginning with the same characters (cater, catatonic, catalyst, and so on). CiteLine automatically finds variations of a word, for example "cardiogram" also retrieves "cardiograms" But if you want to find words that begin with the same characters, e.g. "cardio", use the wildcard.
Use quotes if you want an exact phrase match only "nervous system" CiteLine automatically puts pages which contain your search terms as a phrase, e.g. "breast cancer", at the top of your results list. But the results list will also contain pages where the terms are not adjacent, e.g. "breast and ovarian cancer". Normally this works well, but there may be times when you want the exact phrase only.
Combine concepts with AND
(Remember that choosing a category is also a good way to add a concept) viagra and warning AND specifies that all terms must be present in each of the pages retrieved.
If you must do a complex query, keep the logic straight with parentheses migraine and (aura or vision) Terms in parentheses are processed first. Ensures that CiteLine processes your query in the way you intend.

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