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Unregistered User
(12/8/02 1:50 am)
Creating a Nonprofit Organization
Please provide a three sentence paragraph that would answer this question. Take your time <smile> This will help those in charge with formulating an organization.

1. At is most basic, the mission statement describes the overall purpose of the organization. It addresses the question "Why does the organization exist?"

2. The statement can be in a wide variety of formats and lengths, ranging from a few sentences to a few pages. At this stage in the development of your nonprofit, it might be best to keep your mission statement to at most about half a page.

3. When writing the mission statement, try include description of what you think will be the new nonprofit's

a) primary benefits and services to clients
b) groups of clients who will benefit from those services
c) values that will guide how your nonprofit will operate
d) how you'd like others to view your nonprofit

4. It's often useful to refine the first, basic mission statement by adding or deleting a sentence or a word from the mission statement until you feel the remaining wording accurately describes the purpose of the new nonprofit organization.



Unregistered User
(12/16/02 1:34 am)
Mission Statement
(Using a proposed organization name for impact.)

Mission Statement for FMDI

The mission of FMDI is to raise awareness about Fibromuscular Dysplasia within the general public and the medical profession. By raising awareness, we believe that FMD diagnosis will rise and FMD will no longer be considered a rare disease. FMDI will also generate revenue for the purpose of helping to finance research studies on FMD to find a cause and a cure. And FMDI will provide a community in which doctors and patients alike can share information and offer support to one another.

There is no darkness that light cannot penetrate.

Unregistered User
(12/16/02 1:47 am)
your proposed mission statement
I like it, has vision. What do others think?

Registered User
(12/17/02 9:55 am)
mission statement
I think Jocee has pretty much nailed it! Think it is
an excellent start.

Unregistered User
(12/18/02 12:11 pm)
Yeah Jocee!

At the same time m'dear - REPORTED incidence of FMD in the US already is 1.7% - way, way beyond rare.

Incidence rates found in the course of evaluating live potential renal donors range from 3.8% to 4.4% and 6.6% - and can be seen to be rising.

Incidence of FMD in the carotid artery reported from India is as high as 2.5%.

Note that: prevalence is far higher than incidence...

I would like to see us say that FMD is an 'overlooked' pandemic...

Unregistered User
(12/18/02 2:05 pm)
FMD and growing
You have excellent data there and please share the sources here. We are discovering that Japan also has a highter incidence of FMD but statistics were not shared. I posted my questions and response in the vascular section of the site.

That the incidence of FMD is up to 1.7%, is that at autopsy, or living? This is critical information, please share!

My thought on the statistics are this. FMD is primarily a woman's disease. Like breast cancer, it is not addressed aggresively and secondly, it has nothing to do with sex (remember, Viagra) so its not attractive; finally, it is primarily attacking women over 50 and it appears, based on the research out there, that it is secondary to something that the medical profession knows about and focuses on.

How do we change that? We need to find statistics that support our statements. If the statistics are not there, we need to work at developing them. How is this going to be done? We need all of us to come up with a plan and pull together to get it done.

Can we do this?

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