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(8/13/03 12:22 pm)
Blessings (by unknown)

If you want more blessings in your life, then send out more blessings. Bless everyone and everything that represents what you want! Give recognition and emphasis to a positive quality, characteristic, or condition, with the intent that what is recognized or emphasized will increase, endure, or come into being.


Bless everything that expresses abundant energy. Bless all happiness that your see, hear, or feel in people or animals. Bless all signs of prosperity. Bless all signs of achievement and completion. Bless all signs of confidence and strength. Bless all signs of caring, nurturing, compassion and support. Bless all harmonious relationships. Bless all signs of cooperation. Bless all signs of laughter. Bless all signs of quietness, calmness, tranquility and serenity. Bless all signs of growth, development and change in nature.

It is all we have and we must revise our views and recognize the positive role it plays in our lives.
Without uncertainty, freedom would be impossible. There would be no choices to make - not knowing gives us the opportunity to choose one way over another. If there were no uncertainty life would be a book read, a movie seen, a journey made once too often. It is the thrill of not knowing that makes the first read, the first movie, or the first kiss unlike the second.

Without uncertainty there would be..........
No need to trust, we would know what a person would wondering what the next day would bring.....
no need to hope, there is hope only so long as there is no knowledge as to what is hoped chance to discoveries to punch line not known in pun unexpected.
To know the future is to take the uncertainty from life and, yes, have control, security, and riches. It would also create a living hell of boredom so pervasive, so deep, so omnipresent, that life would cease to be worth living, regardless of the perks. It is not knowing that makes life worth living.

There is light and darkness in all things. Both are necessary to create balance. To reject darkness is only to produce more of it. To illuminate darkness we must show it the light, not keep it away from the light. Many people associate darkness with lack of harmony and light with harmony. This is only personal choice, not law. Darkness will be the lack of harmony as long as we identify it as such. At any point in time, we can choose how we wish to perceive something. No one can eliminate the night, but we can change the way we perceive the night and make the night become as day while being night; make the ugly become beautiful while being ugly. All great masters have accepted their darkness and loved it until it became as light. When we define light, the definition of darkness is immediately created. When we define beautiful, we have immediately defined ugly, and so on. To define is to limit.

If we see light as harmonious and darkness as non-harmonious then we are not creating balance. Harmony and non-harmony do not combine to create balance because that which is in balance is also in harmony, not out of harmony. Once we can see both light and darkness as harmony, then and only then will we be creating balance. Only under the illusion of being separated from the Source can we accept the lack of harmony as a reality.

When I say something is good or bad, I am not describing an absolute property of goodness or badness. Good and bad are not things in themselves. Instead, good and bad describe the process of the ebb and flow of our awareness of life. Good is the expansion of awareness, bad is its diminishment. We cannot have good without bad, but evil is the intentional diminishment of awareness, a choice to do bad. Bad things are an inevitable part of existence, but evil is not. It cannot be tolerated.

We all share the same ultimate destination, but we each start the journey from a different place and travel a separate road. As a result, we must determine what is good for ourselves from our place in life. We must evaluate the world around us and take actions based on what we each believe to be right. We should never abridge our individual responsibility to decide what is right for ourselves. Some of our greatest human tragedies have been when people gave up their right to self determination, and magnified the evil of a few.

Strange as it may sound, death of the physical body is one of our greatest blessings and is indispensable to the essence of our humanity. Think for a moment what life would be like if there were no physical death. How would all physical beings live at the same time?

There would be no urgency to life because all eventualities would come to pass. There would be no excitement in achievement or life's great decisions. No choice would be important, because if we choose wrong we simply try again until the goal is achieved. There would be little reason to make progress now, because it is assured in time. We would accomplish everything countless times. We would lose all motivation for action and become slow and unexcited beings. We would not care about life, choice, success or failure in anyway remotely connected to the way we do now. In the end, a boredom beyond cure would overtake us, and life would become intolerable. Physical death imparts meaning and excitement to every choice we make and every goal we set, for we have only so much time to accomplish our aims. We can leave this life wanting more, cherishing it as a worthwhile experience, instead of being a soul-dead, wretched physical immortal

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