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(10/17/02 7:38 am)
2003 Medical Conferences
Looky at what I found all. It's a search for Medical Conferences. I just put in the dates (from Jan. 01, 2003 to Dec. 31, 2003) and got a list of upcoming medical conferences.

Wonder if any of the organizers would be willing to give FMD, or even some group members, some time? I wouldn't quite know what to say. I guess we could give stories, if nothing else, about how difficult it has been for many of us to even reach the diagnosis of FMD due to a severe lack of knowledge in the medical community.

What do you all think? Is it worth pursuing? Would anyone be willing to spend their own money to attend and possibly speak?

Heck, I was even thinking that if we weren't allowed to have someone address these "professionals", we could sit out in the lobby with signs like:

Do YOU know what FMD is?

Could YOU diagnose FMD?

LOL, I know it's pushy, but with all the E-mails I have sent out, I've gotten so little response. I mean I've E-mailed Medical Journals, Medical Schools, Newspapers, and Oprah. And only maybe 3 responses out of well over 100 E-mails.

Maybe some of you have been actually lucky enough to live in a well populated area with physicians who actually know what FMD is and took it into consideration from the start, but it took 6 months of agonizing pain, weight loss, diarrhea, nausea, unruly blood pressure, an unnecessary gall bladder removal, and a night in the cardiac unit before my Mother was diagnosed. And even now, with Mom being seen by doctors who know about FMD, I find myself having to educate them and push for them to do what some of you do without having to ask. Like ultra sounds. Mom has not had an ultrasound since Feb. 7, 2001. The day after surgery and only because she had her stroke.

Speaking of Mom. Took her to a neurologist Monday. Mom has been having severe headaches. Of course chronic headaches are common in our family, but hers are daily. Not migraine type, at least I don't think hers are, but headaches nearly everyday, all day. Anyhow, I'm hopeful about this new doc. She immediately wants to review all tests done on Mom's neck and head. She wants to rule out FMD in the brain. I've been griping to the vascular surgeon who did Mom's surgery since the day I found our group and realized that aneurysms in the brain could be caused by FMD.

Anyway, give me some feedback about the Medical Conferences. Speak up those of you who are so quiet. Sometimes I feel like you all think I'm a pain in the butt. Course, my own family thinks that a lot of the time........LOL, so you wouldn't be alone there.


Eagle, Idaho

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