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(8/29/04 8:04 pm)
from a Yahoo site
"Melva" <dbuck5@c...>
> Just My Opinion
> Fibro muscular Dysplasia is a disease. Just like Arteriosclerosis.
> Both diseases cause rather disturbing symptoms that WILL lead to blockages and possible hemorrhages.

> I found a website that describes FMD in reference to a garden hose. It has kinks in some places that causes partial blockages of water and balloonings in other places from the added pressure. Those of us
> with FMD have different kinks and balloons(aneurysms) in different
> places, but we have the same disease ,FMD, in common.
> I researched this disease for years before I found our beloved site
> here. I had never entered the word "forum" on the search and I kept
> getting medical sites that basically repeated the same things. So I
> kept reading the stroke forums. The stroke forums include ruptures
> of aneurysms as strokes. I was amazed at how all my problems were
> covered under stroke and aneurysm forums and sites.
> A common stroke does not happen in an instant. It is years of artery
> damage caused by arteriosclerosis. This disease causes partial then
> complete blockage of the artery.The blockage causes oxygen to be cut
> off to an area. It can also result in hemorrhages. The symptoms are
> caused by hampered blood flow. The walls of the arteries are less
> elastic and can not respond to added pressure from exercise and
> high blood pressure. The blood being forced through causes a rise in
> overall blood pressure. This disease affects older people. The sites
> tell of symptoms that the different areas may show before the final
> stroke. They are just like our symptoms.
> FMD is the same thing. We have an unknown cause for a disease called
> FMD that causes years of damage in much younger ages. Our disease
> causes partial and complete blockages with it's kinks in blood
> vessels. This causes hampered blood flow. The walls of our arteries
> are less elastic and can not respond to the higher blood pressure
> from stress or exercise. Our blood being forced through causes
> higher blood pressure and aneurysms. Our disease though affects all
> ages. We live with the TIAs and arteriosclerosis symptoms all day,
> every day, rather than just once or twice in a lifetime.
> Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, twitches, bruts, exhaustion,
> and short-term memory loss are common complaints of both diseases.
> They talk of panic attacks, headaches, and other things we discuss.
> Several sites are understanding these to be part of their norms.
> I think FMD is all diseases that affect blood vessels. It is stroke,
> it is blockage like arteriosclerosis. It is Chronic Fatigue
> Syndrome, it is Fibromyalgia. The stroke sites have already figured
> this out. It is the same blockages, the same pressures, the same
> symptoms yet different causes. We have a disease called FMD causing
> strokes and vascular damage and they have arteriosclerosis causing
> strokes and vascular damage. Yet our symptoms and outcomes are
> virtually the same.
> There has been so much research on strokes caused by
> arteriosclerosis. We need to study and learn from their sites. All
> of the conditions associated with them also pertain to us. They find
> different solutions to each individual condition and we should too.
> We should accept Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as part
> of our disease and treat it. We also need the magic cure for FMD
> like they have cholesterol meds and diet suggestions for
> arteriosclerosis.
> If these analogies of mine are true, we need to heed their websites
> warnings. It is like the same disease with different causes. Yet
> our disease is all our lives and we have no control or FMD meds. All
> we can do right now is blood pressure drugs and aneurysm check-ups.
> Diet, smoking, birth control pills, HRTherepy, stress, and weight
> are warnings we might should consider as do the stroke sites.
> We have to keep talking. We have to know the early warnings for FMD
> in the different areas of our bodies. We can only learn from others
> like ourselves who know first hand. If we educate ourselves, we can
> teach our Doctors. I know I have FMD in my carotid arteries. My
> arthritis Dr. told me I will have diabetes one day from this
> disease. He said the disease will eventually affect my arteries to
> the Kidney. I hope he is wrong. I plan on fighting and getting
> educated about FMD.
> Is this the way that you see it and understand it? I want your
> honest opinions and feelings. I have tried to summarize my feelings
> that I think about every day with this disease. Please post anything
> you see differently.

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