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(3/10/04 10:58 pm)
Judi's very sad story
From: "bettylecat" <bettylecat@y...>
Date: Sun Mar 7, 2004 5:34 pm


This is the history of an FMD'er that use to belong to this Group. She has asked me to share with you the following history: (I'm trying to talk her into rejoining)


I have two wonderful sons, 2 da in laws, and 4 special angels (grand kids)...You can share my story with anyone you want to. Thanks.

"Betty please pass this on:

Three years ago I had both renal arteries replaced with veins from my legs; Drs also opened both kidneys and tried to clean out small arteries. Left kidney was a "bench top" surgery. They completely
disconnected it, opened it up, worked on it and put it back in the
same socket. Since that time, scar tissue has covered the kidney
and it is not functioning very well. Now the disease (FMD) that was
left in the kidneys has spread out to the new veins I use for renal arteries. The disease has spread to my legs, carotid arteries and my shoulder. My liver is not functioning right, and my pancreas has
stopped working causing severe diabetes. I take 4 shots of insulin per day. I am on 6 blood pressure meds, plus a few other meds for various aches and pains. I havce continued with the Mayo Clinic for
maintenance, but at this time of my life, I have decided enough is enough for awhile. I have had 9 angio's with very little success. I
have been advised by a Dr friend of mine NOT to have anymore done unless it is critical to do so. I am on total disability and I have learned with my limitations are and I try to live within them. I
found I can still have a good life; just not as active as I would like. Stress has played a big roll in my condition getting worse.

Most of you know my husband decided he didn't want to sit around and wait for me to die, so he has left and we are in the middle of a very NASTY divorce. So the stress has been terrible. But I am dealing with it, with God's help and my church has really rallied
around me. Also, my mfamily is close by and they are the joy of my life...Judi.

Again, I have Judi's permission to share this story...Pls know I am not keying it to depress anyone; rather to STRESS the importance of this web site (and others)...and...

The need for EVERYONE to speak out!


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