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Flora J Sowell
Unregistered User
(11/21/03 1:32 am)
My Story - Panama City, Fl

Subject: my FMD story

Date: Wed, 19 Nov 2003 11:16:42 -0600

From the beginning. Anything you think shouldn't be posted delete it. The only internet I have is free with ads. Ads are constantly coming on the screen. Time you get one off there is another. I get disconnected. I may not get through writing this before I am disconnected. If you will please
post this for me. I replied to your messages when you used aol. They all came back. Anything else you need like my age, dr's names just ask. I
didn't know if I was suppose to tell dr's names.

In live in Panama City, Fl. In Dec. of 2000 I got dizzy one day. I had to see my gyn dr. At the time he was my HMO primary care dr. He put me on
Anti-vert that didn't help. I had heard good things about a head & neck dr. that did procedure for dizziness. I went to him. He did MRI in case I
had a brain tumor. Nothing showed up in MRI. He said it was inner ear trouble. He sent me for test to see which ear. The test showed it was both ears. I went 3 times, every 2 weeks for repositioning procedure to
correct my balance. It didn't help.

Gyn. sent me to neurologist. Neurologist looked at my MRI. She sent me for sonogram & MRA. They showed a blockage in my brain, one in my neck. She sent me for arteriogram. If anything showed up they would have me
come back before my scheduled visit in a month. I had to have a third blood test before I had arteriogram. They were letting the blood sit too long. The doctor that did arteriogram said I had FMD in both carotid
arteries. He said go to neurologist within a week, not to wait. That she would explain everything in detail. I was left laying on the table for
over an hour uncovered about to freeze while a nurse put pressure on the wound. A man walked all around me restocking the shelves. When I called to get back in to see neurologist, I told them I was suppose to see her within a week. They said they were booked up. I had to wait.

Neurologist said my carotid arteries looked like a dryer hose. It showed no blockage in my brain. That lots of people have this. I had to take Plavix the rest of my life or I may have a stroke. She didn't call it a disease or give me any written info about FMD. After nearly three years I still don't have my balance. I have had to surrender my driver's license
until I get ok.

I think I have had FMD for several years but didn't know it. Years ago twice I had one dr. tell me on the right side of my neck it sounded like someone that smokes. He told me to stop smoking. I told him I have never smoked. He said next time I saw another dr. have them listen. The next dr. didn't hear anything wrong. I have a strong pulse in my right ear. I feel like my head is going side to side every time my heart beats. If I take any meds like Tylenol it is a lot worse. Since the day I got dizzy I feel like a trapdoor opened & I fell into hell.

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