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(11/1/03 4:55 pm)
FMD - Colorado
Hi, y'all, I'm glad to know you!

I hail from Colorado by way of Texas by way of Utah.

I have FMD in the right carotid, 50-60%, left carotid, 10%. I feel pretty good, had vision loss over the last four years that one eye doctor had said was normal. Stumbled upon the FMD diagnoses when I finally asked my PCP what was going on.

I'm in the process of second opinions, not because I doubt the diagnoses but because I want a doctor who will be a good advocate for me.

So, anyone else in Colorado?


Unregistered User
(11/25/03 11:14 am)
am in colorado too
I am here too--I have had my upper corotids replaced at the Mayo clinic--both left and right--I will be having a diagnosic angio at university hospital in denver next week renal arteries @20% loss and -Dr. Breeze neurosurgical dept. has the best info I've learned so far---back in 1999 at the mayo clinic Dr. Piepgras was informative also---I am on Plavix and asprin and muliple blood pressure meds---it must be helping I'm still alive--where in colorado do you live?
I'm around Windsor-my new primary care doc there is up to speed about FMD more than my old doc i was seeing.
I hope this helps you God Bless -Ruthie

(11/25/03 2:39 pm)
Need a place to recuperate? Visitors?
Miss Ruthie,

Do you need a place to stay? Need someone to visit or stay with you in recovery? I live right here in Aurora, not 10 minutes from University of Colorado Health Sciences Center.

If you need anything at all, let me know.

If you'll send me your private email address, I'll send you my cell phone number.

I'm doing a renal doppler on Tuesday. I'm surprised that they're doing an angio with only 20% stenosis. Wow.

Take care, so glad to meet you!


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