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(9/2/02 11:52 am)
Please share your story.

Unregistered User
(11/29/02 9:34 am)
I am from Loogootee, Indiana, I found out that I had FMD in 1991, I had injured my left arm and neck at work, I had gone through surgury, and extensive test on my neck and arm, the pain wouldn't go away, so they scheduled me for a subclavian arteriogram and that is when they found that my subclavian artery was block 25%, and that I had extensive FDM of the carotid arteries. I belonged to a HMO in California, and when the orthopedic doctor referred me to a vascular surgeon, the vascular DR. wouldn't see me he said he was a surgeon, and that is what he did. I took my x-ray's to his office and left them with his nurse, he looked at them called me and told me that if I had a TIA, than he would see me, and it was better not to disturb the Dysplasia. Scared me to death. I didn't know what a TIA was this doctor just told me on the phone I could have mini strokes's. I am sure than that is when I was scare and thought I would die. That was 1996, and I moved from CA to IN in 1997. I found a country doctor, who sent me to a cardiovasular surgeon in Indianapolis. I didn't like this doctor he was expensive, and he told he it was not heritary and that it was probably caused by Hypthroydism. He didn't know what he was talking about he didn't even check to see if I had renal artery FDM, but he did have a Circle of Willis on my brain, all they saw was small communicating arteries.
I decided I wanted a Doctor closer to home, and one I liked. I like my country doctor, I told him I need a different doctor, he sent me to a Dr. Virginia Newman.
She is from New York, has been in Indiana seven years. She operates on people with FDM. I had all kinds of test including another arteriogram. I saw my x-rays, I had to have surgery, I had a kink in my carotid arteries with FDM extensively everywhere. When they did surgery they had to repair my carotid artery and they put a two inch plastic extension from my ear into my neck, she said she could see no FDM in the brain, this is what scares me, I am afraid I could have a stroke, that is why I had the surgery, I still have to have surgery on my left carotid artery. I am waiting until after Xmas. Also when they did the test they found that I have FDM of the Renal Arteries, that didn't surprise me, I have never been tested for Renal FDM, and I have had bruits and Hypertnsion all my life. They would call my hypertension borderline, and probably brought on by my neck and arm injury. When I was 21 I almost died from kidney problems back than they didn't know what FDM was, I was put on Sulfur pills. I will never know, but I wouldn't doubt that I didn't have FDM back than, especially if it was so extensive in my carotid arteries now. This is my story.
Donna Sutliff

joann zick
Unregistered User
(12/6/02 7:52 pm)
fmd of carotid arteries
I am in Indiana also, W. Lafayette, and FMD of carotid arteries.

Donna Sutliff
Unregistered User
(12/18/02 7:16 am)
Hi Joann,
I read what I wrote, I wrote my life histroy in that message. I see you have Carotid artery FDM also. We both live in Indiana, I live in the country, between Loogotte, and Jasper, It is beautiful here, I don't know what I expected when I moved to Indiana, I didn't expect tree's, and water, but I did find have four seasons, I look out my kitchen window and can see deer coming out of the woods in the winter, it is beautiful.
Can you tell me did you ever have any symtoms with your carotid arteries, have you ever had surgery?
Donna Sutliff

Unregistered User
(6/25/03 7:30 pm)
Fibromuscular Dyaplasia carotid
Hi Everybody,
My name is Bertha and I was just diagnosed with FMD of the carotids. I have not been tested yet for renal FMD. I'm just getting used to this and must admit that at least I know I'm not a hypochondriac. I have had migraines for as long as I can remember. Ii'm just blessed that I have a neurologist who believes his patients when they report symptoms. He kept testing until he got an answer that made sense.
He referred me to a doctor in Chicago at Rush Presb. Hosp. I now see a Dr. Gorelick.
I'll know more about my condition after my next vist on July 3rd.
I hope I can get back to this website so we can share information.
For anyone who wants to communicate my e-mail is
I live in Gary Indiana.
I'll pray for you and you please keep me in your prayers.

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