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Betty Lecat
(2/15/05 2:55 pm)
This is Betty...I'm an "old timer" on these wonderful FMD Websites (Susan Goulds, Soficrow's MSN, and Yahoo FMD Support Group)
When I first "joined" everyone worked together as we all had a common cause: FMD.
What happened? Where are we? WHY ARE WE?
Can we all start over?
Celeste, I miss you! Your sensitivity, you and Ricks hard work...
The FMD Yahoo Site has 200 members now, so many of them new, and FRESH and OPEN....
Can I do anything to help?
The seed planted is still there...perhaps it did not rec proper nourishment for a year or two, but...we can start over again?
Thanks for listening to one who misses ALL of us...

(4/15/05 2:53 am)
celeste and I along with 200 or so other people are still here visiting the site and sites, giving info as we find it.That includes you Betty so please dont be sad,not much has changed where this site is concerned.Our philosophy has not changed,SHARE INFORMATION ON FMD AND HEALTH RELATED ISSUES ON THE SPOT, NOT INFO TO SHARE INFO TO PROMOTE PRIVATE INTERESTS,MEANING YOU SUSAN GOULD.Thankyou and Thankyou betty for careing

(5/5/05 6:14 am)
Broken Heart
Dear Betty! Great to see you on the site. I am having this overwhelming guilt that I just am not on the site enough and I don't contribute. I do think of everyone often but I think I fall into a depressing "oh well" mode because I don't have anyone here that know anything - of course not that any of us does but I find myself trying to stay busy with work and family to help cope but then missing the contact with you all. I miss everyone - Celeste, Jocee, you, Bertha, I wish I could help you all like you help me.

Unregistered User
(6/11/05 11:20 am)
Hi Everybody,

Bertha here! I feel like you Joni, I want to keep in touch, but sometimes time and depression set in and I just don't sit down to the computer.
I feel kind of guilty. I've been feeling rather good except for the unbearable migraine ever so often. But my last MRI/MRA angio showed no compromise in the blood flow. And no trips to Intensive care since last August.
I hope everybody else is doing OK.
I was saddened to hear about Jocee's mother. My prayers are with her and her family. God is able to comfort and bring peace.
I'm having trouble getting into the FMD Global site.Anybody else?
Well headache has me right now. Maybe with summer I'll be a little more diligent about staying in touch.

Love you all,

Unregistered User
(6/13/05 2:36 am)
trouble geting into fmd global
someone has hacked that section of the board,goto the site archive logo on the bottom of the page and go from there.remember,you can not post in the archive.

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